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"We are what we eat"

... from this quote our company was born ...

"We are what we eat", therefore. The famous expression brutally summarizes man's relationship with food. The famous phrase was coined in 1800 by the German philosopher Feuerbache and in the light of the most recent studies he was right: health is built at the table based on what we eat.

Ida Nasti, a casilinga who has always been a lover of genuine products, loves to bring quality products to her family's table and thanks to her organic garden she manages to prepare it with excellent genuine products at km 0.

In 2005, with the support of his entire family, he founded the NASTI IDA farm.

Bringing the same love that he uses for the cultivation of his organic garden in the olive groves. Ida begins to produce strictly organic extra virgin olive oil, adopting all the criteria that organic farming requires for the care of olive groves. These practical and respectful methods used in organic farming guarantee a quality product, a product you can trust ...


Our goal is this.

Bring on your tables what we are lucky enough to have on ours!

Image by Flor Saurina
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