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We take care of our fields in detail

In our farm we are committed to producing a healthy, quality product.


Our Cultivars


Coratina is one of the oldest and longest-lived varieties of the Apulian olive landscape and gives life to an extra virgin olive oil of exceptional quality. The oil coming from the milling of these olives has a great richness in polyphenols, with low peroxide values. Its appearance is yellow-green with a very intense and fruity flavor, slightly bitter and typically spicy due to the high concentration of polyphenols.

Top of Melfi

The Cima di Melfi olive tree has an expanded bearing and a high vigor with a thick crown that has very resistant, dark green leaves. The resulting oil has a medium intensity green color, a strong and complex aroma, rich in vegetal scents with high notes of artichoke. Balance between bitter and medium intensity spicy.



The various pruning techniques have the purpose of making the plant reach an optimal shape and maintain it over time. Pruning also serves to balance production: the vegetation is regulated so that the branches can produce in a constant and balanced way. Periodic cutting interventions also serve to allow the circulation of air and the access of sunlight in the central part of the canopy; this avoids stagnation of humidity, which are the main cause of diseases in the olive tree.

ulivo secolare


I trattamenti negli uliveti sono indispensabili per il loro benessere. In base alle problematiche e alle malattie che si presentano nei vari periodi dell'anno, curiamo i nostri ulivi. Utilizziamo solo ed esclusivamente prodotti consentiti in agricoltura biologica, di derivazione naturale.

trattamento e cura olivo


We use traditional methods, including specially shredded pruning waste, herbaceous growth and animal grazing. We let them graze freely inside the olive groves, so that while grazing they keep the grass low, making cuts unnecessary and helping to fertilize.

pascolo tra gli ulivi


We harvest our olives between October and November with the arrival of the first cold. The drupes have an intense green color with small purple notes in a slight phase of veraison.
The aromatic load and the differences in fragrances in extra virgin olive oil depend on the enzymes and their activity, which are influenced by fruit ripeness and temperatures.
With the arrival of the cold, the olive acquires all the aromas, guaranteeing an aromatic load, a quality oil, rich in polyphenols, organoleptic properties and low acidity.

raccolta olivi
Produzione di olio

Dalla raccolta si passa in Frantoio!

entro le 3h dalla raccolta estraiamo il nostro pezioso olio dalle olive!

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